speedladies-CUP 2017

logo_speedlaies_2017_ohne_rahmenThe speedladies-CUP is a racing series for women from women.

Founded in 2013, we already enjoyed the international starter field. Ladies from 5 different countries started in the first season and fought friendly and passionate about the crown in the two classes SSP 600 as well as GP Open. Over the years, the number of participants increased considerably, which made our speedladies CUP even more international. Meanwhile, we can welcome women from almost 10 countries of Europe and race around the race track.

In 2017, the speedladies-CUP is now starting for the 4th time and we are particularly pleased that we have managed to organize 5 races for our race series.

The shedule for season 2017:

T1: 28. – 30. April 2017 Pannoniaring
T2: 16. – 18. June 2017 Rijeka
T3: 07. – 09. July 2017 Most
T4: 28. – 30. July 2017 Brünn
T5: 25. – 27. August 2017 Slovakiaring

Would you like to register for one of our events or would you like to participate in the entire 2017 racing series? Then you can register with our organizer WSB-SPORT powered by pezibär racing.

You receive a speedladies discount of -30% on the registration fee at all events!

(Discount only valid for payments received no later than 14 days before the booked event)

Click here to book! Booking possible IMMEDIATELY!!

We are looking forward to welcome you at our speedladies events!